Soundtrack LP artwork for Michael Soavi's Stagefright.
Stagefright Soundtrack artwork.

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The soundtrack to Michael Soavi’s Stagefright is receiving a limited – only 300 will be released – pressing 180G picture disc LP release. The music featured on the album is all by Michael Boswell and the record is available for pre-order exclusively through his website. It is selling for £27.99, which works out to $46.42 in US dollars. Orders will ship October 10th, 2014.

The score to Stagefright is captivating and greatly enhances the film. It is the type of soundtrack that will benefit from the chance to be heard in its original greatness on vinyl. Limited edition vinyl releases like this typically sell out during pre-sale. So, be sure to grab your copy now if you’re interested.

In Stagefright, a theatre troupe is rehearsing tirelessly to prepare for the opening of their play. When one of the performers injures her ankle, she drives to a nearby hospital for medical attention. What the dancer doesn’t realize is that the institution she has chosen is actually a mental hospital. A kind physician agrees to see her anyway. But when the young performer leaves the hospital, she brings an uninvited guest back with her. The director then proceeds to unintentionally lock the performers in the theater with the escaped mental patient. From there, the deranged madman preys upon the cast members and picks them off, one by one.