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Eli Roth On Thanksgiving, Beyond The Green Inferno & More!

Eli Roth (Director of The Green Inferno and Hostel)

Director Eli Roth will direct the feature film adaptation of MEG.

Reddit’s infamous AMA sessions have an annoying habit of being either completely brilliant or a total waste of time, depending on how loose the subject’s lips are. Thankfully, in the case of wunderkind filmmaker Eli Roth, the former proved to be the case.

No topic was off limits as fans descended upon him to ask everything from what it was like to work with the great Quentin Tarantino, to why it took so long for both Clown and The Green Inferno to make it to theaters.

On how Roth approached the making of his jungle-set cannibal flick:

“I just approached Inferno as an adventure film. I wanted to push the characters as far as I could, taking them out of the comforts of the city and throwing them back to tribal man, who lives in a world where technology never reached them. It’s about stripping away societal conventions to see what we are made of. All my films in some way deal with clashes of culture… I guess it’s just something that fascinates me.”

Regarding the rumoured sequel, Roth remained cautiously optimistic:

“We have a draft but the first one basically broke even and made a little so maybe we’d have to figure out a different release strategy for a sequel if I’m gonna hit up investors. But the whole film was a risk, just the idea of making a cannibal film in 2015 was insane and that was the fun of it.”

Roth also waxed lyrical about his hugely-anticipated Thanksgiving movie, the teaser trailer for which had fans salivating:

“Have a draft [I’m] not totally happy with. I want to put some more work into it so the film lives up to the trailer. We have the story and mythology cracked, so now it’s about getting the kills right.”

On the possibility of a sequel to Clown, which newcomer Jon Watts directed but also carried a prestigious ‘presented by Eli Roth’ moniker:

“The truth is this is the sad state of cinema and the reason there won’t be a sequel. If people buy it we can make more, if they steal it, that’s it. Piracy is killing independent horror in ways people don’t see yet but soon will. It’s tragic.”

On the subject of piracy in general, the indie filmmaker was particularly cutting:

I wish people would stop pirating. It’s honestly killed it for us. We used to be able to guarantee budgets with DVD sales and then VOD but it’s over. Its not gonna go back to the way it was. And now they look at your movie and say “well, will it be able to make money against this superhero movie?” The good old days are over. Now getting a film released is so hard because you just get outspent. And I understand it, that’s what audiences are paying to see. But we used to offset it with home video sales that have evaporated with torrent sites. So how do you make money for the investors and distributors? It’s hard

On the much talked-about Screening Room model, which allows customers to pay to watch theatrically-released movies at home for a nominal fee:

I don’t know how the anti-piracy thing works but honestly anything that helps bring more income to the business is good for me

On whether he’d consider remaking any classic horror movies himself:

I was gonna do The Bad Seed but my version was a little too dark for Warner Brothers

On whether Roth would reboot any of the stalwarts, such as A Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, et al:

Friday the 13th would be fun because I was a camper and camp counselor

On the current state of horror:

“Look, every now and then we get The Witch but it’s usually indie films. However we still have James Wan making fantastic big screen scary studio movies so there’s hope. But studios take far less chances these days and now it’s even harder to get films released in cinemas.”

On whether he’d ever consider doing a non-genre movie:

“Working on it now.”

On whether a fourth Hostel is forthcoming, and how he feels about that troublesome ‘torture cinema’ label:

“Been thinking about it [Hostel 4]. I can’t worry about labels. It’s like Hans Landa says, we cannot control the nicknames bestowed upon us. It used to bother me but now I don’t care. Honestly, it feels like I was part of a wave and pushed horror to a place where people didn’t know how to categorize it. But I just focus on the story and the work and whatever people want to call it I can’t control. It’s up to them.”

And finally, Eli Roth on what he believes the scariest subject to make a horror movie is:

“2016 election is pretty terrifying.”

You can read the AMA in full right here.

Stay tuned to Wicked Horror to keep up-to-date on Thanksgiving, Return To The Green Inferno, Hostel 4 and everything else currently on Roth’s radar.

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