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Cam2Cam is Riddled with Bad Dialogue and Bad Acting [DVD Review]


A young girl visiting Bangkok falls in with a group of webcam performers. All seems well at first but she quickly learns that nothing is what it seems. She comes to suspect that those performing in front of the camera may not be who they claim.

Cam2Cam is written by Marie Gautier, Davy Sihali, and Joel Soisson. Soisson also directs. The premise for the film feels really dated. It seems like the screenplay was written about 15 years ago and it just recently got produced but without any updates to the premise.

This picture has a lot of problems. There’s a lot more wrong with it than there is right. The hyper sexual manner in which most of the characters speak and act is extremely artificial. And there are plenty of problems with the script. Furthering my assertion that this script sat on the shelf for several years is the way that these people type, with no vowels. It’s like the written dialogue was culled from a series of ’90s AOL chatroom sessions. The animated text icons are a great touch, as well. We use those all the time in 2014…Right?

The spoken dialogue is awful also. Actual excerpt: “Tell me where my sister’s f**king head is?” and “It’s a f**king head. Who travels all the way around the world for a f**king head?”

In addition to a poorly penned script, the performances are wooden and take the viewer right out of the film. They are a constant reminder that you are watching a movie and that these people are actors playing a role. The best of the bunch is Tammin Sursok of Pretty Little Liars as Allie. But even she fails to deliver a fully convincing performance for more than a minute or two at a time.

We get very little insight into why the characters do the things they do and that makes an already strained relationship with the them even more difficult. The scenes revealing the reasoning behind the killers’ actions is almost incomprehensible and begs the question: Are there actually people like this in the world? While there are certainly sadists and thrill killers out there, I doubt if any of them act like the people in this film.

Further sealing the film’s fate as a dud is its lack of mystery. The identity of one of the killers is revealed in the first fifteen minutes of the film but it’s not a surprise. If you are paying even a modicum of attention, it should be obvious. All of the reveals that take place later on in the picture are not particularly shocking either.

The film feels like a 90-minute long ecstasy trip without the high. From the club music to the overt sexuality, it just seems like the writers are trying to set the picture in a culture they don’t really understand and the result is a film that feels muddled, terribly dated, and is pretty pointless.

Cam2Cam is now on DVD and also available to stream on Netflix. But I would suggest just avoiding it. There are very few, if any, redeeming qualities about this picture.

Title: Cam2Cam
Director(s): Joel Soisson
Writer(s): Marie Gautier, Davy Sihali, Joel Soisson
Stars: Tammin Sursok, Ben Wiggins, Sarah Bonrepaux
Release: December 16, 2014
Studio/ Production Co: IFC Midnight
Language: English
Length: 91 Minutes
Sub-Genre: Thriller

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Written by Tyler Doupé
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