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Scar- Kill Or Be Killed

Joan played by Angela Bettis is utterly shocked at the killing carnage she is experiencing yet again.

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Directed by Jed Weintrob and written by Zack Ford, Scar, is a torture lovers dream.

During the intro credits we learn from newspaper headlines that a bunch of teens were killed by a mad mortician. The main focus of the story is then of Joan Burrows (Angela Bettis- Girl, Interrupted, Toolbox Murders), a young woman living in Ovid, Colorado, who as a teenager was captured and tortured by this same local serial killer, Bishop. Joan was able to escape and kill her captor, but was left as the sole survivor of the spree with a deep scar on her cheek.

Cut to the present, and Joan is returning to her hometown to attend her niece Olympia’s (Kirby Bliss Blanton) high school graduation and finds herself confronted by her past in the town. Before the graduation is to occur, a young couple goes missing and within a few days a mutilated body is found in the water during a town fish festival.

With the present day’s body count rising, questions arise whether Bishop had somehow evaded death or if a new copycat killer has arisen. It isn’t long before Joan finds herself both a target and a suspect of the killings. Bettis is not quite up to her usual level of performance here but aptly supported.

This movie mainly suffers from being a slasher of viciousness that isn’t justified by its paper thin plot. But hey, it’s the norm with a torture fest. The flaws aren’t completely damaging though as the gore scenes are effectively directed, and do exactly what they are supposed to do – make the audience squirm.

Scar is not a complete disaster, if you like torture movies and a bit of blood, it will at least scratch one or two of those itches.

WICKED RATING: 4.5/10  [usr 4.5]

Title: Scar


Director(s): Jed Weintrob
Writer(s): Zack Ford
Stars: Angela BettisKirby Bliss BlantonBen Cotton
Year: 2007
Studio/ Production Co:  Norman Twain Productions
Budget:  (unknown)
Language: English
Length: 83mins
Sub-Genre: Crime, Thriller


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