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Five Horror Podcasts You Should be Listening To

The Movie Crypt Podcast

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular and developing a much wider audience as we find ourselves more immersed in a culture dependent on streaming content. Yet there are still plenty of people who don’t know what a podcast is, so there’s definitely a mix. For anyone reading this who might not be aware, in shortest terms a podcast is essentially an online radio show. Many of them are free, some of them are not. Anyone can listen to one and, more importantly, anyone can host one. In some ways that is both good and bad. People looking to get into genre podcasts may not know where to start because even though podcasts themselves are relatively new, there are a lot of them out there. Hopefully, we can give people a decent starting point. Here are five horror podcasts from all aspects of the genre that you should be listening to.


Pseudopod is a really interesting podcast. It’s part radio drama and part publishing house. This is a horror fiction podcast. It’s one of the older ones too, having started around 2006. In essence, Pseudopod is an audio literary magazine. It publishes short stories from new and upcoming writers and anyone can submit a story as long as it follows their submission guidelines. The stories are not read by the authors themselves but by the podcast staff. It’s very neat and a good showcase of not only great stories, but great new genre talent.Pseudopod Podcast Logo

Welcome to Night Vale

Night Vale is not strictly horror. It’s not strictly anything. It’s a sort of radio drama, presented as straightforward reporting on the town of Night Vale and the bizarre things that occur therein. It’s essentially the podcast equivalent to Twin Peaks. The series started in 2012 and has only grown in popularity since, with many celebrity guests appearances including Mara Wilson and Wil Wheaton. It’s a series where you never know what to expect, it’s bizarre purely for the sake of being bizarre and you kind of have to admire it for that.

Welcome to Nightvale Podcast

The Bloodcast

Hosted by Shock Till You Drop’s Ryan Turek—who has now gone on to work at Blumhouse—and fellow horror journalist Clarke Wolfe. It’s a podcast that really covers the whole scope of the genre. They talk in depth about different movies, different genres, different directors and have guests on that help feed the discussion as well. It’s a smart podcast that is great in that it is just a complete celebration of horror and all that the term encompasses. Both hosts are funny and friendly with each other, but will also debate the topic at hand from their separate perspectives. Unfortunately, this just ended but there is still an entire backlog of 97 episodes that are completely free to listen on GeekNation.com, iTunes, etc.

Killer POV

Again, we have a GeekNation podcast and it won’t even be the last one on the list. The people at GeekNation are just really good at giving people the chance to talk about the genre. Structurally, Killer POV is very similar to The Bloodcast and the two have crossed over a couple of times. This one has three hosts, each from different corners of the horror journalism world. Rob G hails from FEARnet (RIP) and Icons of Fright, Rebekah McKendry is a writer for Fangoria and Elric Kane from Inside Horror. They bring in many guests over the course of the show and offer keen insight on the genre. Their discussions are always fantastic as all three have their own strong opinions, but the conversation never becomes anything other than friendly and passionate toward horror and the fans.

Killer POVThe Movie Crypt

Horror aside, The Movie Crypt is the most important podcast for aspiring filmmakers. In fact, it’s one of the most useful tools for aspiring filmmakers in general. Hosted by directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch, the podcast is an honest—sometimes brutally so—discussion of what it takes to get into the industry and what the business is really like. Every week, the two hosts are incredibly funny and incredibly sincere, having a new guest on the program to discuss their career and all the things they have accomplished. It’s clear from the first moments of the first episode that aside from working in the genre, these guys are fans of horror and film in general, first and foremost. Their full-length commentaries are also hilarious, stemming from movies like Friday the 13th Part 2 to Love, Actually.

The Movie Crypt Podcast

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