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New on Netflix: June 2nd, 2023

Welcome back to New on Netflix! This week we have a short list featuring a group of Swedish women and a murderer. Happy viewing! See Also: Check Out This [Wicked Horror Exclusive] Reveal of ‘Dead Dete...


Restrospectives and Editorials

Halloween - Michael Myers

Haddonfield High: Remembering the YA Book Series Based on the ‘Halloween’ Films

The Halloween franchise has seen several novelizations and tie-ins over the years. But the strangest...

Demon Knight

Why Demon Knight Still Holds Up After More Than 25-Years!

After five successful seasons on television, the creative team behind HBO’s Tales from the Crypt dec...

Serpent and the Rainbow - non traditional zombie films that broke the mold

‘The Serpent and the Rainbow’ is Wes Craven’s Most Underrated Movie

The Serpent and the Rainbow is based on anthropologist Wade Davis’ autobiography and as a result, cl...

The Changeling Horror movies that need to be remade

Why The Changeling Needs to be Rediscoverd

While there are a wealth of haunted house movies that have been released in recent years, they haven...

Chucky, Andy, and Kyle in the Good Guys factory in Child's Play 2

Why Child’s Play 2 is an Even Bolder Movie Than the First

Child’s Play is one of the most important, genre-defining horror movies of the late ‘80s. It’s one t...

A drawing of a man in a mask holding a knife.

How Ice Nine Kills and The Weeknd Use Horror to Elevate Their Music

Music can make us feel things. There’s love songs, sad songs, and party songs all for this reason. H...