Restrospectives and Editorials

The Brood

The Brood is Cronenberg’s Most Autobiographical Movie: Here’s Why

David Cronenberg’s The Brood is not only one of his best movies, it’s one of his most personal. It m...

Alice ANOES 4

Why Alice from ANOES 4 and 5 is Actually an Anime-Esque Magical Girl

In recent years, there’s been a lot of overlap between the magical girl and horror genre. Whil...

Battle Royale

The Anger Games: Why Battle Royale is Still Relevant Today

The Japanese film Battle Royale, based on the book by Koushun Takami, is about a freshman class that...

Scream 4

Here’s What Most Fans Don’t Comprehend About Scream

I love the Scream movies, as many fans do. I don’t think Scream, as a franchise, is necessarily divi...

Reasons Halloween: Resurrection is the worst

Dangertainment: Why ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ Never Really Stood a Chance

When Dimension Films acquired the rights to the Halloween franchise and made The Curse of Michael My...

Dee Wallace

Here’s Why Dee Wallace is the Undisputed Queen of Horror

What was your first Dee Wallace horror film? Was it when you hoped against hope that Lynne Wood...