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Five Most Imaginative Kills from Christmas Horror

Silent Night, Deadly Night - Holiday Horror

With the Christmas season comes the essential holiday viewing. For most people, this includes movies like A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer but for the horror fan this list is expanded to include Silent Night, Deadly Night, Black Christmas, Gremlins and many more. Horror has proved time and again that any calendar date can be made scary or—at the very least—gory. And while not all the entries on are list are among the goriest ever made, even the tamest titles have proven that they can knock people off in imaginative ways.

That’s what we’ll be looking at here. Not the best or most iconic kills from holiday horror movies, but the most imaginative. These are the kills you just don’t see everyday. They deviate from the traditional stalk-and-slash formula and bring us some imaginative yuletide entertainment. Here are some of our picks for the most imaginative kills in Holiday horor movies.

Mrs. Deagle (Gremlins)

It may not be a slasher movie, or an overt horror picture, but Gremlins has its share of carnage and is above all else a Christmas movie. Mrs. Deagle’s death scene is iconic. Throughout the film, the audience expects to see her to get some kind of comeuppance and when she finally does, it’s brilliant. She’s an insufferable character, easily comparable with the Wicked Witch of the West. Late into the film, after the gremlins have begun to spread throughout town, the old woman hears some carolers, so she makes her way to the door to shout at them to go away. She immediately discovers that they are not carolers and logically assumes that the devil and his minions have finally come for her. As she is old and feeble she gets into her chair lift which, in typical gremlin fashion, has been tampered with. Instead of simply moving upstairs, she goes flying out the window, leaving the audience cheering.


Santa (Don’t Open Till Christmas)

Don’t Open Till Christmas is almost the flip side of the controversial Silent Night, Deadly Night coin. This time, instead of Santa Claus going on a rampage and killing people, there is someone going on a rampage and killing people dressed as Saint Nick. There are a lot of impressive Santa deaths in the movie but the one that takes the cake for me harkens back to one of the most classic Christmas traditions. In this scene, the killer finds a Santa roasting chestnuts on an open fire and decides to help himself. He shoves poor St. Nick’s face into the grill he’s warming the chestnuts on and roasts him right along with them.

don't-open-till-christmasJill (Jack Frost)

Jill is the unfortunate first feature film role of Shannon Elizabeth, who would go on to find much larger success with films like American Pie and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Here, though, she’s a fairly typical horror movie victim who dies in a very not-typical way. She is killed by a living snowman who can turn to water and ice at will. He comes up out of her shower drain and, well, rapes her to death. He puts the carrot from his nose down a few snowballs lower and that is essentially the murder weapon. It’s completely tasteless and would even be shocking if it weren’t for the fact that it’s actually a ball of white foam repeatedly slamming into a screaming actress. It’s virtually the only memorable scene from the movie, but that’s really not saying much. Still, the kill is just something that has to be seen to be believed. 

Jack Frost

Claire (Black Christmas, 1974)

Claire’s death is pretty tame by today’s standards but forty years ago it was incredibly shocking. Her demise was used as the image to sell the film. It’s been on nearly every poster, VHS and DVD cover since the picture was released. That’s thanks in large part to how it was done. Claire’s is the first character to die and her death sets up the entire feature. Her death, as well as her body, hang over the entire film. Claire is propped up in the attic, a plastic bag wrapped around her head, placed in a rocking chair with a doll in her lap. The audience knows what’s happened and knows she is up there but she is never found. It’s the rare horror kill that the audience alone is aware of while the characters remain in the dark.

black-christmas-claireDenise (Silent Night, Deadly Night)

Linnea Quigley has had some pretty spectacular death sequences in her long career as a scream queen but this one just might be her best. As Denise, she has just finished having sex with her boyfriend when the deranged Billy bursts in. Her boyfriend Tommy is killed pretty typically, he’s thrown out a window. There’s not a lot to that one. But Denise’s death is long and drawn out. It’s painful to watch and it becomes even more painful when the big moment finally arrives. Billy lifts her up and slams her into a pair of deer antlers, impaling her through the chest. It’s an unsettling image, but one that has stayed with audiences for thirty years.

Denis Antler Kill in Silent Night, Deadly Night

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