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Weird Science

Comic Review: The EC Archives: Weird Science vol. 4

No, we’re not talking about the John Hughes comedy although that was a loose adaptation of the comic of the same name, but none of the stories included in this volume. Instead, this is a collection of...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Comic Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer #17

This issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is, like the last, focused primarily on character interaction, which is a little strange considering that the last issue ended with everyone heading out to the b...

Archie vs Predator

Archie vs Predator 4 [Advance Comic Review]

Archie vs Predator 4 provides the anticipated conclusion to the comical, bloody “vs. Predator” series of the Archie Comics (AC) and Dark Horse collaborative project. Sci-fi and horror fans (rightly) s...

The Strain The Night Eternal

The Strain: The Night Eternal #11 [Advance Review]

Dark Horse will release the 11th installment of The Strain: The Night Eternal on July 15. The series comes to us from writer David Lapham, artist Mike Huddleston, colorist Dan Jackson, and cover artis...

Predator Fire and Stone

Predator: Fire and Stone TPB [Comic Review]

Thankfully, Predator: Fire and Stone is much better than the previous AVP: Fire and Stone trade paperback. There’s something about it that feels much more in line with the 1990’s Aliens and Predator c...

Death Head

Death Head #1 [Comic Review]

Coming to us from writing team Nick Keller (Turner of the Century) and Zack Keller (co-creator of the cartoon Dick Figures), Death Head is a new horror comic, and I’m not entirely sure what to make of...

Angel & Faith - Horror comics

Angel & Faith #16 [Comic Review]

Issue sixteen of Angel & Faith kicks off the short arc “Those Who Can’t Teach, Teach Gym” in which Faith goes undercover as a gym teacher of all things. It works, though. It’s a good balance, thou...

Puppet Master's Blade - Puppet Master

Comic Review: Puppet Master #4

Let me just start off by saying that when I was a kid, I was hugely attached to Puppet Master. More than A Nightmare on Elm Street and maybe even Friday the 13th, this was the franchise that got me in...

Negative Space

Negative Space #1 [Comic Review]

Negative Space is an extremely promising new comic and I can’t wait to see how it develops. The plot is still somewhat mysterious but centers around a shadowy organization that mines the depths of hum...