WickedHorror was founded, in part, to find and help smart horror filmmakers get their films off the ground. We want to finance your quality horror movie, whether they be full-length features for theatrical release, shorts, or solely for internet distribution.

We are actively looking to finance smart, original horror films and content of any length and genre, except horror comedy. Our founder is an award winning filmmaker and one of our mission statements is to help push quality horror out to the masses.

If you you have a project that needs financing, email us at WickedHorrorCom [at] gmail.com – please include the following:

1.) Title and genre of project.

2.) Running time of project (feature, short, mini-short (vine, etc)).

3.) Brief 3-4 sentence outline of project (brief please!).

4.) Budget range.

5.) Any attached known elements (writer, director, actor, special effects artist, etc).

6.) Brief bio of primary filmmaker(s)/creator(s)

7.) Any links to project (Website, Facebook, YouTube, Other social media, etc… And or news releases)

8.) Contact details: Best email address and phone number.

We want to help get your horror movie made.

Email Us At ——> contact [at] wickedhorror.com