• Horror Films You Probably Didn’t Know are Based on Books

    It is commonplace for films, television series, and other art forms to take old ideas and recycle the concept into something new. This has been demonstrated ad nauseam by the staggering number of horror film remakes that were greenlit by studios in the early to mid 2000s. The reboot trend seems to be dying out but has been replaced by the new phenomenon of adapting feature films for the small screen. Before remakes were en vogue, it was very commonplace [...]

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  • Horror Films that Should have Had Sequels

    Like most things in life, horror sequels are a mixed bag; sometimes they are awful, sometimes they are great, and sometimes they are just OK. Sequels are often the greedy attempt of film studios to replicate the success (profits) of a well-received film. Oftentimes, these follow up efforts backfire and the picture ends up being a box office failure because the film didn’t warrant a sequel. But in some cases, the second installment in a series blows the audience away [...]

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  • Scary Masks- Run & Hide

    A scary mask can make a “little creepy”, absolutely terrifying. Hiding someone’s face creates extra tension and fear. Below are some of the greats of horror movies-   MICHAEL MYERS (Halloween)- That deadpan William Shatner stare is one stare you definitely do not want to bump into. Standing in doorways, hallways and dark roads near you on Halloween, you can run but can’t hide from the Myers. THE STRANGERS- There is nothing scarier than the unknown in which The Strangers prove [...]

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  • Five Horror Films You Might Not Have Seen But Should

    With studio horror films being kind of hit and miss, horror fans are often left to wade through a series of VOD and direct-to-DVD titles in an attempt to discover quality horror films. There are plenty of diamonds in the rough to be found but the problem is knowing where to start. Sifting through the horror section on Netflix or at your video store (if you still have one) can be a bit like fishing: One can easily invest hours [...]

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  • Horror Comedies- For Fans Of A Scarily Good Time

    Wicked fun horror comedies- If you’re into creepy crawlies- Eight Legged Freaks A ridiculous but enjoyably campy ‘creature horror comedy about gigantic spiders. While the mutant spider invasion is not bad in this movie, just about everything else is absolutely awful, including the story, the dialogue, and especially the acting. This tongue-in-cheek homage to 50’s monster movies will make you giggle in between some possible squeals. If you’re into blood & gore- Tucker & Dale Vs Evil Tucker (Alan Tudyk) & [...]

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  • Oldies Of Horror- Scary Old Folk

    The freaky old grandma’s and grandpa’s of horror- OTIS B DRIFTWOOD (THE DEVILS REJECTS)- The most sadistic member of the Firefly family, Otis is the angry old man who is ridiculously stubborn but very loyal. Abusing, skinning and making sculptures out of his victims, he considers himself somewhat an artist. Just don’t have a paint off with him, it could end in a real art attack. GRANDPA SAWYER (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE)- He may not actually do much but the [...]

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News and Reviews


Key Art and Trailer Released for The Houses October Built

An image promoting Bobby Roe's The House October Built.

We have your first look at the trailer and key art for The Houses October Built. Come inside for a look at the trailer and the new one sheet for Bobby Roe’s upcoming haunted house mockumentary! Share The Horror

Horror Movie Reviews

Autumn Blood Review – Painstakingly Slow Retribution Thriller

Poster for Marcus Blunder's Autumn Blood.

Marcus Blunder’s Autumn Blood follows a brother and sister as they fight for their very survival in the Tirolian Mountains. The pair previously lost their father at the hands of the mayor of their small town and have just recently lost their mother as well. Now that the children are orphaned, the young woman has become the focus of the mayor’s son’s unwanted advances. When the girl declines the mayor’s son’s invitation to fornicate, he returns with a band of hunters and proceeds to violate and brutalize [...]


The Mayhem Goes Viral For V/H/S

The third installment to the popular V/H/S franchise, V/H/S: Viral.

    V/H/S: Viral promises mayhem with new one sheet! Bloody Disgusting have released a brand new poster for the third installment to the popular anthology franchise, V/H/S. The found-footage anthology series will feature segments from directors Nacho Vigalondo (ABCs of Death “A is for Apocalypse), Marcel Sarmiento (ABCs of Death segment “D is for Dogfight”), Gregg Bishop (The Birds of Anger), Todd Lincoln (The Apparition), and Justin Benson (Resolution). V/H/S: Viral will follow a group of fame-obsessed teens desperate to [...]


I Saw The Devil US Remake Revealed!

I saw the Devil movie poster starring Min-sik Choi from Old boy directed by Kim Jee-Woon

TheWrap has broken news regarding the English-language remake of the South Korean serial killer thriller, I Saw the Devil. The original I Saw the Devil directed by Kim Jee-Woon is a classic revenge tale portrayed spectacularly. Elite special agent Kim Soo-hyeon’s (Lee Byung-hun- G.I Joe) pregnant fiancé is murdered by the evil Kyung-chul (Choi Min-sik- Oldboy). This prompts Kim to lure the killer into an increasingly violent game of cat-and-mouse. It was announced back in December of last year that [...]

Horror Movie Reviews

Re-Cut- Documentary Disaster

The poster for the movie Re-cut directed by Fritz Manger.

Directed by Fritz Manger, Re-cut is a found-footage, faux-documentary horror movie. Re-cut opens with the definition of a snuff film. “A pornographic film that shows an actual murder of one of the performers, at the end of a sadistic event.” After another statement the screens finally reads “In the fall of 2009, the following video was intercepted by the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI.” I’m personally a sucker for a faux-doc disclaimer even when I know they aren’t true. [...]


Wrong Turn 6 Teaser Shots!

Wrong turn 6 directed by Valeri Milev.

The hillbilly’s of horror are back and as gruesome as ever! Three Fingers, Saw Tooth and One Eye are looking for some new blood and that’s what they’ll get in Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. Check out the above teaser shots for the 6th installment of the popular franchise. The unrelenting terror starts when an emotionally troubled young man, Danny, inherits an isolated backwoods hotel that may hold the key to his secret past. A trip to the peaceful resort [...]


Annabelle Gets Her Own TV Spot!

Annabelle the doll in the spin off to the James Wan movie The Conjuring.

She terrified in The Conjuring but this is where it all began for Annabelle. From Warner Bros. Pictures comes the first TV spot for Annabelle, the upcoming spin-off that focuses on that creepy doll in The Conjuring. You might not expect a 30-second TV spot to pack as much punch as the first great trailer for Annabelle, but it certainly does. Annabelle reunites the filmmakers behind 2013’s hugely successful supernatural thriller with John R. Leonetti, who served as cinematographer on The Conjuring directing the [...]


Five New Stills from The Editor Hit the Web Today

Poster forAdam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy's The Editor.

Twitch debuted a series of new stills from The Editor today. We’ve got all five of the new screen caps from the giallo-inspired throwback available for your viewing pleasure! Come inside and have a look. Share The Horror


Feast Your Eyes on Three Exclusive Images from Sleepwalkers

Poster for Ryan Lightbourn's Sleepwalkers.

The upcoming Jason Lightbourn film Sleepwalkers – which is currently in postproduction – is almost complete and we have a series of exclusive stills for you to check out after the jump. Come inside and take a look! Below, you will find three brand new Wicked Horror exclusive images from Jason Lightbourn’s indie horror film Sleepwalkers.. The first is Reggie Peters as Bridges, the second is John Archer London as the mysterious old man, and the last image features Don Fowler as Officer Don Grady [...]


Get Nostalgic with this DIY 8-Bit Jason Voorhees Mask!

8-Bit Jason - NECA to Release Friday the 13th Video Game Replica Mask

The Friday the 13th NES game is perhaps more popular today than it ever was upon its initial release. People have recently come to embrace just how awesomely bad the 8-Bit Jason Voorhees themed game was and that wave of nostalgia has led to a series of merchandise releases inspired by the ‘classic’ NES title. First there was a Jason figurine released at SDCC that came in packaging inspired by the Friday the 13th game. Then, we brought you news of the soon-to-be-released ‘glow in [...]