• Check Out this New Red Band Clip from VHS Viral

    A new red band clip from the anthology horror sequel VHS Viral was released today. Come inside and take a look at the excerpt in all of its gory glory after the break. Today’s clip debut comes in support of the film’s release on VOD today. You can read our review here. The excerpt is plenty brutal and delivers nearly everything we could ask for in a red band clip. Check it out for yourself below. VHS Viral just hit VOD and iTunes today and is scheduled [...]

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  • Advance Review – VHS Viral

    VHS: Viral centers around a Los Angeles area police chase that is dominating the news stations. A random sampling of amateur camera people try to capture the ordeal via various portable media devices in an attempt to enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame. But those recording the chase soon learn that they are in store for much more than they bargained for. Every one of them is affected by an unexpected side effect of their quest for fame that may just cost them [...]

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  • Annabelle Movie Review – Missed Her?

    Written by Gary Dauberman and directed by John R. Leonetti, Annabelle; the prequel the 2013’s The Conjuring, has been highly anticipated by the horror world. We learn that before The Conjuring, Annabelle was owned by a young couple named Mia (Annabelle Wallis- X-Men: First Class) and John (Ward Horton- The Wolf of Wall Street). In the run-up to the birth of their first child, medical student John buys his wife the doll as a gift for her extensive collection. As the due date nears, [...]

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  • Your Guide To The Halloween Complete Collection

    The Halloween: The Complete Collection is no exaggeration. It boasts the most complete versions of these movies ever gathered together in one place, some breaching the surface for the very first time. It’s the most complete collection of the Halloween movies you could ever hope to find. This is a 15-disc set, with numerous special features, many of which fans have been waiting for for years but never actually thought they would see. But casual fans and those looking to [...]

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  • James Wan Confirmed to Direct The Conjuring 2

    After very recently declaring that he would be taking a break from horror, James Wan is now gearing up to get back in the game to direct the hotly anticipated follow up to his hit film The Conjuring. Deadline broke the news that not only will Wan be directing the second installment in The Conjuring franchise, he has also inked a production deal with New Line that will see him directing a variety of horror, comedy, and sci-fi films – all with mid budget production price tags. [...]

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  • Nastiest Video Nasties – Banned Horror

    Video nasties were the general term for the movies that were banned in the UK in the early 1980’s, criticized for the violence and sexuality. Some of them weren’t as violent as the British censors made them out to be. And some of them were. Either way, it may have been the most insane overreaction to movies in the history of cinema. Labeling these films as “video nasties” and banning them only contributed to the success of the films, but [...]

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Funny Horror Memes

When You’re Ignored, Things Can Get A Bit Saw…

Billy the puppet from the hit Saw franchise.

It’s annoying when someone just decides to ignore phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages and emails? What happened? Why the ignorance? Get you feeling Saw out here like Dr Lawrence Gordon in the hit Saw horror series. WICKED RATING: 7/10  Love horror memes? Stay tuned for more at WickedHorror.com! Director(s): James Wan Writer(s): James Wan, Leigh Whannell Stars: Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, Danny Glover Year: 2004 Studio/ Production Co: Evolution Entertainment, Saw Productions Inc., Twisted Pictures Budget: $1,200,000 (estimated) Language: English Length: 103mins [...]


Top Five Phantom Of The Opera Films

The Phantom of the Opera.

Like many of the other classic monsters, especially Dracula and Frankenstein, the Phantom has seen quite a few screen adaptations. They may not all be great, but some of them have gone on to rank among the best horror movies ever made. Here are the top five adaptations, official or unofficial, of Gaston Leroux’s classic gothic mystery. 5. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1989)- A personal favorite Phantom film is this 1989 supernatural take on the story, featuring Robert Englund (of [...]


Top Five George Romero Movies

The hit George Romero movie.

George Romero earned his reputation as a master of horror with his very first film, 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. He has contributed more to the genre than virtually any other horror director. He gave us the zombie film as we know it today. And yet he is so much more than just “the zombie guy” outside of his heralded zombie trilogy and the films of the same type he made after that, there is a wide and diverse [...]


Editorial – In Defense of the Remake

Dawn of the Dead Horror Remakes.

Remakes get a bad rap from horror fans and that’s not entirely without due cause. With Cabin Fever poised to be remade from the exact same script as the 2002 original, a lot of genre film fans are up in arms and left scratching their heads as to why a movie that’s barely 12 years old needs to be re-imagined. So, with that in mind, I wanted to take a moment to provide some food for thought and a bit of [...]


New Ikea Singapore Commercial Channels The Shining

Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

A new commercial for Ikea Singapore has been kicking around the web and it has caught our attention. It captures the essence of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and should prove enjoyable to anyone fond of the haunted hotel classic. Come inside for a look at the video and tell us what you think in the comments box below. The Swedish furniture manufacturer described the clip in the following manner on their YouTube page: Late night shopping may never be the same again [...]


Trailer and New Stills Debut for Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

Poster for Sion Sono's Why Don't You Play in Hell.

The upcoming action/grindhouse/revenge/thriller Why Don’t You Play in Hell has just released a brand new trailer and a series of new production stills. We have your first look after the break. The film is being distributed by Drafthouse and is directed and written by visionary director Sion Sono. Why Don’t You Play in Hell is being described as a Tarantino-esque ode to the films of yore that features an over-the-top finale for the ages. It is scheduled to hit select theaters November 7th. [...]


Insidious 3 Premiers a Teaser Trailer

Insidious 2 poster.

Yesterday, we brought you a series of behind the scenes photos from Insidious 3. Today, a teaser trailer for the upcoming film has hit the web and we have your first look after the jump. So come inside and take a look. Insidious 3 marks James Wan’s departure from the franchise. Wan’s longtime collaborator Leigh Whannell has penned the script for this third installment and is also directing the entry.  Insidious: Chapter 3 is currently slated for a May 29, 2015 release The film will also see the departure of Patrick Wilson, [...]


Editorial – Why Halloween III is an Unsung Classic

Halloween 3 Blu-ray

With the big day just around the corner, it’s time to get in gear with some Halloween themed content. But rather than throw together a retrospective on the original Halloween, we wanted to do something a little different and give a bit of play to a film that has never really been given its due. Halloween III: Season of the Witch is easily the most under-appreciated title in the entire Halloween franchise. It dared to do something different and go in an unexpected direction which unfortunately caused people to [...]

Funny Horror Memes

Take A Ride On The Midnight Meat Train

Midnight Meat Train.

Unfortunately if you take the Midnight Meat Train you’ll end up taking a ride straight to your bloody death. And you’ll never be buried as your remains will reside (but not for long) in creatures of the dark and deep. Lovely. Who wants a ticket? WICKED RATING: 5.5/10  Love horror memes? Stay tuned for more at WickedHorror.com! Director(s): Ryûhei Kitamura Writer(s):  Jeff Buhler, Clive Barker Stars: Vinnie Jones, Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb Year: 2008 Studio/ Production Co: Lakeshore Entertainment, Lions Gate Films, Midnight Picture [...]


Ten Memorable Side-Characters In The Friday The 13th Series

Friday the 13th with many memorable characters including Jason Voorhees.

More than virtually any other horror franchise, Friday the 13th has had numerous, incredible side characters over the course of twelve movies. From the funniest characters to the annoying as hell douchebags. There are a lot of different, vibrant personalities to have met their end via Jason’s machete or other household instruments. This list is not counting main characters, such as the numerous “final girls” or their useless boyfriends who happened to survive, and it obviously does not include Mr. [...]