• The One House You Don’t Want To Knock On At Halloween…

    It’s Halloween and you’re out trick ‘r’ treating with your friends/kids/relatives having fun in the dark of the night. But be careful, you never know whose house you may end up. That’s one trick you definitely do not want to get. Michael Myers has some wicked knife up his sleeve. WICKED RATING: 8/10  Love horror memes? Stay tuned for more at WickedHorror.com! Director(s): John Carpenter Writer(s): John Carpenter, Debrah Hill Stars: Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tony Moran Year: 1978 Studio/ Production [...]

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  • Editorial – Why Halloween III is an Unsung Classic

    With the big day just around the corner, it’s time to get in gear with some Halloween themed content. But rather than throw together a retrospective on the original Halloween, we wanted to do something a little different and give a bit of play to a film that has never really been given its due. Halloween III: Season of the Witch is easily the most under-appreciated title in the entire Halloween franchise. It dared to do something different and go in an unexpected direction which unfortunately caused people to [...]

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  • Your Guide To The Halloween Complete Collection

    The Halloween: The Complete Collection is no exaggeration. It boasts the most complete versions of these movies ever gathered together in one place, some breaching the surface for the very first time. It’s the most complete collection of the Halloween movies you could ever hope to find. This is a 15-disc set, with numerous special features, many of which fans have been waiting for for years but never actually thought they would see. But casual fans and those looking to get [...]

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  • Remake Comparison – Halloween- Carpenter Vs Zombie

    Comparing these two movies is interesting because despite telling the same basic story, they could not be more different. The two movies are made by completely different filmmakers with completely different styles. Both movies here have their fans. But when stacked up against each other, how do they fare? How does Rob Zombie’s Halloween compare to the original? Let’s take a look. JOHN CARPENTER’S HALLOWEEN Carpenter’s Halloween is a masterpiece. It’s a simple story, but it’s one of the most [...]

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  • Top Ten Michael Myers Kills

    Michael Myers has had a career lasting over thirty-five years (although he did take some brief time off during Haloween III) and while he may not be known for the versatility of Jason Voorhees, he’s been pretty imaginative in his work. Spanning ten films, he’s had a wide range of kills over the years, here are some of the most imaginative and iconic. 10. NURSE DANIELS (ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN II) This one is memorable just for the sheer length and [...]

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  • Screaming For Michael- Myers Needs A Laugh

    Wes Craven & Kevin Williamson’s classic Ghostface isn’t so scary when the Halloween machine created by John Carpenter is around. Never ask Michael Myers “Why so serious?” Even Ghost Face could run, but no-one can hide from the Myers.  WICKED RATING: 7/10  Love horror memes? Stay tuned for more at WickedHorror.com! Director: John Carpenters Writer(s): John Carpenter, Debra Hill Stars: Donald Presence, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tony Moran Year: 1978 Studio/ Production Co: Compass International Pictures, Falcon International Productions Budget:  $300,000 (estimated) Language: English Length: [...]

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News and Reviews


Starry Eyes Debuts a Trailer

Starry Eyes

After having recently released a series of new images and an official one sheet, the indie horror-thriller Starry Eyes is debuting a new trailer today. We have your first look at the newly released preview after the jump. Come inside and take a look. The film stars Alex Essoe, Noah Segan, Pat Healy, Amanda Fuller, Shane Coffer, Fabianne Therese. It is written and directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer. It has already been gaining a lot of positive buzz from advance festival screenings. Starry Eyes follows [...]

Top 10 Lists

Tales Of Terror – Spooky True Ghost Stories

Real life ghost stories from around the world.

These real-life ghost stories could spook any skeptic!   HAUNTED VILLAGE-  The Village of Pluckley in Kent, England, is reputed to be the United Kingdom’s most haunted area – with at least 16 separate ghosts said to haunt the area. In the Church o St Nicholas, strange sounds of knocking have been heard at night, with at least two spectral figures reported to stalk the graveyard. The ghosts reported include the so callled “Screaming Man”, a ghoul which haunts the [...]

Horror Movie Reviews

The Kiss Of The Vampire- Old School, Atmospheric Hammer Horror

The Kiss of a Vampire directed by Don Sharp.

Hammer achieved a large amount of success with Horror of Dracula pretty much out of the gate. This led to a franchise with at least seven sequels. Still, despite the massive success of their flagship Dracula franchise, British Hammer Studios thought there was more to explore with the idea of the vampire. They still wanted to examine vampires in as many ways as possible. Thus they made Kiss of the Vampire, unrelated to their star franchise in any way, shape or [...]

Top 10 Lists

Top Ten Horror Movie Threequels

The hit franchise Child's Play.

The third part in any horror series is the hardest to get right and in some ways the most important. If it’s not the end of a trilogy, it’s the beginning of a franchise. It can bring things full circle or it can push things in an entirely new direction. For the most part, these movies are a wide mix of both. 10. PUPPET MASTER III: TOULON’S REVENGE-  The long-running Puppet Master franchise was always cheesy, but it got really cheesy [...]

Horror Movie Reviews

Cursed – Bland Moon Rising

The poster for the Wes Craven movie, Cursed starring Christina Ricci.

To its credit, Cursed was plagued by production problems that went all the way up to the top. The movie we’re left with cuts right to the chase and is a fairly by the numbers, standard werewolf movie. All it really has going for it is that it’s a standard werewolf movie at a time when even standard werewolf movies just weren’t being made. That’s not much of a saving grace though. What we’re left with is a pretty forgettable [...]


Live Stream This Evening’s Q & A With Leigh Whannell & James Wan

New Saw poster. Leigh Whannell & James Wan

With Saw returning to theaters tomorrow, in celebration of its ten year anniversary, LionsGate is hosting a Q and A with Leigh Whannell & James Wan who co-wrote the film together with Wan directing. This evening’s Q&A will be hosted by Evan Dickinson of Bloody Disgusting and will be held at The Arclight Hollywood. You can buy tickets here if you would like to attend in person. If you aren’t in LA, or even if you are, you can live stream the entire thing online, right from [...]

Top 10 Lists

Real Life Blood Suckers – Vampire Villains

Jonathon Rhys Meyers in the movie Dracula.

As the world gears up for Halloween with a number of Vampire costumes at the ready. lets look at some real life blood sucking villains. THE HORNED DEMON- Caius Veiovis, from Massachusetts in the US, has horns implated in his skull and 666 tattooed in the middle of his forehead. In 2000 Veiovis was convicted of a vampire-like assault in which a 16-year-old woman’s back was sliced open with a razor. He then licked the blood while kissing his girlfriend. The woman’s [...]


New Horror Anthology Tales of Halloween Announced

Poster for the anthology film Tales of Halloween.

Great news for fans of anthology horror: Today, Epic Pictures announced a brand new film which will consist of a series of eleven vignettes, helmed by eleven different directors. The project is titled Tales of Halloween and will be made under the Epic Pictures Group banner by Patrick Ewald and Shaked Berenson. Read on for a list of the directors involved.  Share The Horror


A Trailer for The House at the End of Time Makes its Debut

Poster art for Alejandro Hidalgo's The House at the End of Time.

Dark Sky Films has debuted a trailer for their upcoming DVD release of the supernatural horror thriller, The House at the End of Time. We have your first look at the new trailer after the break. So come inside for a look. The film is written and directed by Alejandro Hidalgo. In addition to writing and directing, Hidalgo also served as a producer and the editor. The House at the End of the Street marks Hidalgo’s his first feature film effort. But it is garnering great reviews [...]

Horror Movie Reviews

C.H.U.D – They’re Not Staying Down There Anymore

C.H.U.D the movie directed by Douglas Cheek.

C.H.U.D. is an acronym for “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers” so you know what kind of movie you’re getting into right out of the gate. It’s pure 1980’s cheese, a movie about New York’s underground homeless being mutated into flesh-eating monsters. Our protagonist is a photographer named George Cooper who is friends with people in the homeless community who he photographs to shed some light on their experience. The other two protagonists are a detective and a man who runs the [...]