The Dark Tapes - Five movies that should be on your radar

Epic Pictures has just debuted a trailer and poster for the feature film The Dark Tapes. The project that has garnered 60 awards since its festival debut (including a nom for best independent feature at the Rondo Hatton Awards).

The Dark Tapes is an anthology flick that delves into the supernatural, possession, all things paranormal, and more. Each vignette has a twist in the vein of The Twilight Zone.

The picture features appearances by Cortney Palm (Sushi Girl, Zombeavers, Death House), Brittany Underwood (Hollywood Heights), and Emilia Ares Zorayn (Amazon’s Bosch, V/H/S: Viral).

The film was directed by Michael McQuown (The Perfect Man) and effects artist Vincent J. Guastini (Requiem for a Dream, Under the Bed). It was produced by our own Nicola Odeku!

You can check out the film’ official website right here.

The Dark Tapes