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The epically micro budget horror film Gore, Quebec is finally arriving on DVD next week. The film follows the plight of two singles set up on a weekend getaway/blind date by a shared acquaintance. The pair find that they have absolutely nothing in common and soon come to mutually despise one another. But when they discover that there is an escaped killer on the loose, they must band together in an attempt to survive the weekend.

Gore, Quebec picture was made for approximately $7,000 Canadian and most of the cast and crew worked for free. The film is co-written and directed by Jean Benoit Lauzon. Lauzon also plays a starring role in the feature. Journalist Rick Mele penned the script  and also makes an appearance in the picture.

Gore, Quebec has been in the can for some time but had little luck securing distribution until it was picked up be eOne. With eOne on board, the film is now being granted a DVD release as well as a simultaneous VOD launch on October 14, 2014. While it’s not perfect, three’s a lot to like about this film and it really shows what a determined group of filmmakers can do with extremely limited means and a great deal of determination.