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Hideo Nakata’s latest film The Complex will be heading to VOD in the US September 9th. The film’s stateside release is thanks to a partnership between the distribution arm of Shock Till You Drop and The Orchard. The film will be available via iTunes and Amazon among other VOD content providers.

The Complex has been fairly successful on the festival circuit where it has garnered primarily positive feedback from genre film outlets. The film has been described as both haunting and quite strange by a variety of film critics.

A young woman named Asuka moves into a new apartment complex with her parents and younger brother. Shortly after settling in, she begins to hear strange noises coming from the home of one of her neighbors. When she investigates, Asuka realizes her neighbor has died of malnutrition. While in her deceased neighbor’s apartment, she also notices marks in the wall that lead her to believe he was attempting to claw through his wall into her home. Asuka begins to hear an assortment of rumors about the development in which she’s living from friends at school. When the strange noises persist, she returns to her neighbor’s apartment and is greeted by his ghost. Things spiral downward from there as Asuka learns more about the haunted past of her new home.