le fear project

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Set to be released in 2015, we have upcoming horror anthology, The Fear Project, directed by a number of new and exciting directors.

The Fear Project is a found footage horror feature, in vein of the popular V/H/S franchise, hoping to present four gripping psychological tales in anthology form.

The Fear Project will feature tales of terror from directors Alex Deck, Owen Mulligan of DeadFi, Dion Cavallaro and Paul Thomas of Freeze Frame Films (The Eidolon State, The Secluded House), Kenny Collins of Enter Viral Media, and Tobias Nilsson (Logan).

The movie will base itself around two young men who go to the scene of a crime to investigate after their friend fell victim to a chain of throat slashing murders. While there, they discover a room lined wall-to-wall with old television sets and an overabundance of terrifying videos, each containing a piece of the puzzle. What they ultimately discover will change their lives forever.

I do love an anthology and we will keep you apprised when more details about The Fear Project come in. 🙂

Release Date: From the 13th March 2015 starting in CanadaDirector(s): Dion Cavallaro, Kenny Collins, Alex Deck, Owen Mulligan, Tobias Nilsson, Paul Evans Thomas
Writer(s): Dion Cavallaro, Alex Deck, Owen Mulligan, Brel Offkel, Paul Evans Thomas
Stars: Tanner WeedBrad JonesNathan Head
Studio/ Production Co: DeadFi ProductionsEnter Viral MediaFreeze Frame Films 
Budget: CAD 1,000 (estimated)
Language: English
Length: TBA
Sub-Genre: Crime, Mystery

*TBA: To Be Announced