I Drink Your Blood

When a clan of satanist hippies wreaks havoc on a small town, a young boy whose family was victimized by the devil-worshiping bohemians makes the fateful decision to exact bloody revenge in gloriously gruesome fashion.

One cannot necessarily call I Drink Your Blood a good film. But I genuinely doubt if thats what David Durston was shooting for when he made it. I think he was more or less attempting to cram as much violence and shock value into a single film as he possibly could. And in that regard, he succeeded. I Drink Your Blood is nothing if not sadistic and shocking. It even carries the unique distinction of being the first film ever to receive an X-rating for violence.

The performances aren’t great. The characters are difficult to warm up to. The screenplay is cheesy. But none of that really matters because no one goes into a movie like this looking for a good movie. They are after gruesome and shocking violence and in that regard, I Drink Your Blood delivers.

If devil worship makes you uncomfortable, you may want to stay away from this one, as it is a pretty consistent theme, throughout. The first 20 minutes of the picture are brimming with Satanic ritual and human and animal sacrifice.

The Blu-ray release is jam-packed with bonus features, including several deleted scenes, an alternate ending, a director’s commentary track, the film’s original theatrical trailer, on camera interviews with the cast, and more. Not to mention, the first 3,000 units come with a replica of the syringe used in the film. Also included is bonus feature film I Eat Your Skin. There’s lots to enjoy about this release, even if the movie isn’t exactly top notch.


Director(s): David Durston
Writer(s): David Durston
Stars: Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, Jadin Wong, and Rhonda Fultz
Year: 1970 (Blu-ray release date: November 8, 2016)
Studio/ Production Co: Grindhouse Releasing
Language: English
Length: 83-Minutes
Sub-Genre: Zombies, Grindhouse