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Advance Comic Review: She Could Fly #1 Is a Realistic Portrait of Mental Illness

Luna is beginning her sophomore year of high school and, very early on in Dark Horse’s She Could Fly #1, shows her neuroses. When her school therapist asks her if she’s excited to drive, we see ...

Pinhead in Hellraiser III - anxiety and horror movies

Scaring the Hell into Me: My History With Anxiety and Horror Films

“The box. You opened it. We came.” -Pinhead, Hellraiser I watched my first horror movie scene, a snippet of Hellraiser III, when I was five. I was watching TV with Dylan Casey in his basement. Left to...

Official poster for the 2014 film, Ejecta.

Review: Ejecta Fosters Promise, but Falls Short

Ejecta, the latest extraterrestrial horror film from directorial duo Chad Archibald and Matt Wiele, sets the stage for an interstellar amount of terror, yet unfortunately falls short of delivering any...