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I trapped the Devil

Writer-director Josh Lobo Talks I Trapped The Devil [Interview]

The past few years have gifted us some notable debut features in the form of Robert Eggers’ The Witch, David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows, and Jordan Peele’s Get Out, to name just th...

Tony Todd

Tony Todd Discusses The Final Wish and His Career [Exclusive]

The Final Wish is set to release January 24 in select theaters. The story follows a young man named Aaron, played by Michael Welch, who is down on his luck. Aaron is forced to return to his hometown t...

Jenny Pellicer

Jenny Pellicer Talks Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich [Exclusive]

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich is now available on VOD and fans by and large seem to be loving it. The new reboot is a completely different, much harder-edged and even mean-spirited thing and fans ...

Russell Geoffrey Banks

Russell Geoffrey Banks of Who’s Watching Oliver Drops By For A Chat [Exclusive]

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with actor Russell Geoffrey Banks of the new film Who’s Watching Oliver. After viewing film I felt compelled to speak with Banks to discuss the film, the i...

Craig muMs Grant

Exclusive Interview: Craig muMs Grant Talks Hover

Craig muMs Grant is an accomplished actor, poet and playwright. Perhaps best known for his role in HBO’s Oz, he has an impressive resume that spans numerous productions. Grant wrote the short film, Mo...

Exclusive Interview: Hover Director Matt Osterman

Wicked Horror recently had the occasion to sit down with director Matt Osterman to discuss his new film, Hover. We got the lowdown from the director on the use of drones in his film, his approach to o...

Bailee Madison

Bailee Madison Talks The Strangers: Prey At Night [Exclusive]

Bailee Madison is no stranger to the horror genre. The 18 year-old actress has fought off monsters in Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, ran from creepy dolls in R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, and has rock...

Exclusive Interview: Jeroen Bijl of Horrible Reviews Talks YouTube And Much More!

Over the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down and interviewing popular Dutch YouTuber and horror fanatic Jeroen Bijl (AKA. Horrible Reviews). Jeroen has been uploading on YouTube for ne...

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

Exclusive Interview: Warwick Johnson-Cadwell artist of Mr. Higgins Comes Home HC talks art and current works

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell is the artistic genius behind Mr. Higgins Comes Home HC as well as Adventure Time, Samurai Jack, Spandex Special, and Head Lopper. Recently, he answered a few questions from Wi...

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