We’ve just scored a new still from the upcoming remake of Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs and you can check it out for yourself after the break!

As we previously reported, the film will see a limited theatrical and VOD release on January 22, 2016. It is directed by The Goetz Brothers (Scenic Route). Mark L. Smith (Vacancy) wrote the script. Troian Bellisario and Caitlin Carmichael star. Blumhouse and The Safran Company were also involved with the production.

Martyrs tells the story of Lucie, a young girl who was beaten and tortured by a sadistic family years prior. Lucie and her friend set out to track down the family years later. The pair exacts brutal revenge but things take a turn for the bizarre and they wind up martyrs in the process of seeking retribution.

Click here for our exclusive interview with co-director Kevin Goetz. Our contributor Sean Abley had the following reaction to the remake: “As a huge fan of the original, I really enjoyed this new version. If you’re automatically anti-remake, you’ll probably find a reason (or two or three) not to like it, but if have an open mind about remakes, I’m guessing you’ll at the very least appreciate the Goetz Brothers’ take on the material.”