As a big fan of Eduardo Sanchez, the guy who brought us films such as The Blair Witch Project, Lovely Molly, Altered and a segment from V/H/S 2, I am greatly looking forward to his new breed of myth and legend in upcoming horror; Exists.

Scripted by Jamie Nash (who also wrote Lovely Molly, Altered and “A Ride in the Park”-V/H/S 2), and bringing a batch of Sasquatch scares, Exists, depicts five friends on a camping weekend in the remote woods of East Texas. Brian (Chris Osborn- The Vampire Diaries) and Matt (Samuel Davis- Machete Kills) want to have a wild party with their friends and figure that their uncle’s secluded cabin is a prime location, being as it’s abandoned and it’s unlikely they’ll have anyone complaining about the noise. Their party plans goes awry when a legendary force of nature is unleashed and the five struggle to survive against a predator that is stronger, smarter, and more terrifying than anything they would have ever believed Exists.

The film also stars Dora Madison Burge (Seven Days in Utopia), Roger Edwards (Captain Phillips), Denise Williamson (Mardi Gras: Spring Break) and Brian Steele (who plays Sasquatch creature designed by Spectral Motion and also starred in; Predators, Underworld: Evolution & Hellboy).

Bigfoot’s return in Exists will be discovered on various VOD platforms October 3rd 2014, a few weeks before it hits limited theaters on October 24th. Just in time for Halloween!

Release Date: VOD October 3rd 2014 & limited theaters from the October 24th

Director: Eduardo Sanchez
Writer(s): Jamie Nash
Stars: Dora Madison Burge, Brian Steele, Samuel Davis
Studio/ Production Co: Court FiveHaxan FilmsMiscellaneous Entertainment
Budget: (unknown)
Language: English
Length: 86mins
Sub-Genre: Myths & Legends