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She Could Fly

She Could Fly: The Lost Pilot #1 (Review)

She Could Fly is back with it’s second arc, The Lost Pilot. It was the best comic series I covered last year, and I’m pumped to get back into it. The series picks up two semesters of in-patient care f...

She Could Fly

She Could Fly Ends Its First Arc with a Flourish [Review]

There aren’t many characters in fiction who deserve a happy ending as much as Luna Brewster, yet she’s riddled with bullet holes on the cover of She Could Fly #4. What happens on covers doesn’t always...

She Could Fly #3

She Could Fly #3 Soars Higher, Dips Lower [Review]

“Chekhov’s gun” is a storytelling rules: If a writer introduces a gun in the first act, it’s going to go off in the second. She Could Fly has skirted around violence while promising the possibility so...

She Could Fly

Comic Review: She Could Fly #2 is Even Better than #1

Back in June, I wrote about how good the first issue of She Could Fly by Christopher Cantwell and Martín Morazzo was. If you slept on it, you missed out. With the second issue finally here, I’m ...