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No Escape

Review: No Escape is a Worthwhile Throwback to the Grindhouse Days

In No Escape, a man and his family travel to Asia for a work opportunity. But almost immediately, things go awry and they are very soon in a fight for their very lives. They know not who they can trus...

Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside Gives Us the Lowdown on Turbo Kid!

Turbo Kid made its world premiere January 26th as part of the Park City at Midnight Lineup. But those that missed the film’s festival run will soon have a chance to check it out for themselves. ...

Liu Jian (Jet Li) in the middle of a fight scene in Chris Nahon's martial arts thriller Kiss of the Dragon.

Kiss of the Dragon is a Fast-Paced Martial Arts Thriller

Kiss of the Dragon finds Liu Jian, a Chinese police officer traveling to Paris to work in concert with the Parisian authorities in taking down an international drug smuggler. Moments before the takedo...

The poster for Paul W.S. Anderon's Death Race.

Death Race Review – Post Industrial Profiteering

[soliloquy id=”6648″] In the 2008 film Death Race, Jensen Ames loses his wife in a home invasion and is wrongfully accused of her murder. He is then sentenced to life in prison. The film t...

Poster for Wayne Kramer's Running Scared.

Running Scared Retrospective – Grindhouse Inspired Thriller

[soliloquy id=”7006″] In Running Scared, Joey Gazelle is a henchman for an organized crime syndicate. His boss tasks him with one simple job: Dispose of a  firearm  used in the killing of ...

Poster art for James McTeigue's Ninja Assassin.

Ninja Assassin Retrospective – A Visceral Action Film

[soliloquy id=”5356″] Ninja Assassin stars Korean pop star Rain as Raizo. Raizo is on the lam. The clan of ninjas that raised him is pursuing him with intent to do him harm. He has separat...

Milton (Nicolas Cage) walks away from an explosion unscathed in Patrick Lussier's Drive Angry.

Why Drive Angry is a Modern Exploitation Classic

In Drive Angry, Milton (Nicolas Cage) busts out of Hell to seek revenge against those who murdered his daughter and save his grandchild from the clutches of a demonic cult. In the process, he crosses ...

Poster for Neveldine/Taylor's Crank.

Crank Retrospective – High Octane Exploitation Cinema

[soliloquy id=”5377″] Crank tells the story of hit man Chev Chelios (Jason Statham). Chev wakes up and learns that he has been poisoned with an Asian toxin that has no antidote. His life e...