The Nun - The Conjuring 2

Wicked Horror has just learned that Corin Hardy’s The Conjuring spinoff, The Nun has commenced preproduction. The heads up comes courtesy of Hardy’s Twitter account. We have also discovered that the planned release date for the project is July 13, 2018. 

The Conjuring franchise has been a real cash cow for Newline. Both Conjuring films and the first installment in the Annabelle franchise have done big numbers. So, another spinoff was inevitable. 

As we previously reported, Corin Hardy (The Hallow) was chosen by Newline to take on directorial duties for the project.

The Nun is being produced by Gary Dauberman and James Wan. Actress Bonnie Aarons played the character in The Conjuring 2 but we don’t yet have word on who will portray her in the spinoff. Hopefully Aarons will be back, seeing as how she made the character truly frightening and would be tough to replace.

  • Patrick

    Wait, Jason Mamoa is going to direct the “long-gestured”(?) TheCrow remake? He isn’t just the star?

    • No. That was just a huge oversight on my part. Thx for catching.

  • Valak

    I’d be disappointed if Bonnie Aarons didn’t return.