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Free Horror Movies – Watch 600+ Horror Movies!

The following apps listed below have over 300+ horror movies you can watch totally for FREE (with ads). Plus, for subscribers, you can double that to over 600+ horror films!

In fact, you could download each app and watch ALL the content commercial-free if you want with a 7-day trial. Or, you can watch some of it 100% free with ads. Choice is yours. We recommend the 7-day trial and binge watch everything!

Every channel adds NEW content every Sunday, so there constantly new horror for you.

Want to watch 200+ horror movies for FREE on either your TV, tablet, phone or laptop? Then we got you covered.

Simple download the “Wicked Horror TV” app on either your Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV, or check out Apple Store for Mobile iOS. Laptop and tablet users, go to WickedHorrorTV.com.

For Roku, click here, for Amazon Fire Stick, click here.

What some trashy, fun low-budget and home-made horror movies? Check out the FREE app “Trashy Horror Movies”.

Watch on your TV via Roku, Amazon Fire and Chromecast with the free app “Trashy Horror Movies”. The title says it all. For Roku, click here, for Amazon Fire Stick, click here. For AppleTV & iOS Mobile, click here.

To watch on your computer, check out TrashyHorrorMovies.com

Are you a fan of found-footage films? Then “POV Horror” is a MUST for you! “POV Horror” has, by far, the largest curated collection of found-footage films anywhere.

“POV Horror” is available on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. Simply search for “POV Horror” now or click here for their website. POVHorror.com