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Found Footage Movies

M.O.M (Mothers of Monsters) is an Instant Cult Classic!

One of the worst phone calls a parent could get is someone informing them that their child is dead. However, due in part with the skyrocketing cases of gun violence in recent years, an arguably more t...

The Levenger Tapes

The Levenger Tapes Is A Found Footage Film That Should Have Stuck To One Angle

The Levenger Tapes focuses on the plight of three-college age students, a myriad of bad decisions, and the police detectives trying to track them down. Throughout the film, scenes switch between the t...

The Evil Dead

Non-Found Footage Microbudget Movies That Prove Anyone Can Do It

Scary as the industry is now, this is the golden age of being able to make a movie. Anyone can do it. The scary part is distribution and profit, both of which are in some ways harder than ever. Still,...

Frightfest 2016 Review: Found Footage 3D

It takes a brave-ass movie to nod to both 3D and found footage (two things movie fans at large, never mind horror aficionados in particular, are utterly sick of) in its title. Even braver to favourabl...

They're Watching Movie

They’re Watching is a Fun, Gory Found Footage Feature

When it comes to reality real estate TV shows, they can be something of a time sink. The found footage film They’re Watching taps into reality TV and peppers in some comedy for good measure. The...

Nor: The Curse

Why Noroi: The Curse is An Epic Japanese Found Footage Film

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to the “found footage” approach to filmmaking, I’m kind of over it. I’ve noticed that when a found footage horror picture i...

Pandemic: Hardcore Henry for Horror Fans

The world is in chaos. A virus has devastated the population so much so that the infected now grossly outnumber the uninfected. Humanity, ever persistent, still struggles on in small pockets. We’...


Review: JeruZalem Is A Thrilling ‘Americans Abroad’ Horror Movie

That big ‘Z’ in Jeruzalem is worrisome. A zombie movie set in the holy city? Prepare your Zombie Jesus jokes (if, indeed, there are any left that haven’t been done to death–no ...

found footage films Paranormal Activity

Why the Paranormal Activity Franchise Owes us One More Film

The Paranormal Activity franchise should not be allowed to get away with this. Oren Peli’s premise for the original Paranormal Activity was very simple: It focused on the story of a couple (Kati...

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