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The Art of Pulp Horror is a Comprehensive History [Book Review]

The Art of Pulp Horror is a beautiful book, collecting the art of horror and contextualizing it with a series of essays. It’s also an important book, demonstrating that as editor extraordinaire Stephe...

The Hollow Places

Kingfisher’s The Hollow Places takes Algernon Blackwood into the Future

Algernon Blackwood’s “The Willows” is one of the best pieces of horror fiction ever written. In Blackwood’s story, two travelers get lost on a canoe trip along the Danube. They land on an island where...

The Unsuitable Will Suit You [Book Review]

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice opens, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Molly Pohlig’s debut novel The Unsuitab...

Sequelland: A Story of Dreams of Screams [Book Review]

Randy Meeks says, “Sequels suck” in Scream 2, which is ironically a good sequel. He sparks a debate in his film class with the students trying to come up with examples of good second entries into fran...

The Only Good Indians

The Only Good Indians is Phenomenal [Book Review]

Stephen Graham Jones is prolific. According to his website, he’s “the author of 23 or 25 or so books, +300 stories, some comic books, and all this stuff here.” The Only Good Indians is the 5th of thos...


William Friedkin: Interviews Peeks into Director’s Mind [Book Review]

William Friedkin was one of the biggest directors of the 1970s. He struck it big in 1971 with the crime thriller The French Connection and had other hits throughout his fifty year career in film. Undo...

Wes Craven - Surprising Early Jobs of Your Favorite Horror Movie Directors

Remember One of the Greats with Wes Craven: Interviews [Book Review]

Wes Craven was a quiet, kind man who made violently transgressive films. The writers he chatted with pointed out the seeming conundrum frequently in the new compilation, Wes Craven: Interviews. Tony W...

Seven Must-Read Lois Duncan Novels!

When we at Wicked Horror were discussing aspects of Women in Horror Month, the first name that came to mind for me was Lois Duncan. From actors to filmmakers to writers, there are so many women repres...

Going to Pieces

Seven Horror Reference Books Every Fan Should Read

There’s a great point during the process of becoming a horror movie fan where you begin to get this urge to see everything. Whatever you hear about, you want to track down. But after that passes, ther...

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