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Lois Duncan

Seven Must-Read Lois Duncan Novels!

The YA novels written by Lois Duncan were a large part of my first foray into horror. I was a teenager in the late ‘90s, a time when R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike dominated the young adult novel sce...

Going to Pieces

Seven Horror Reference Books Every Fan Should Read

There’s a great point during the process of becoming a horror fan where you begin to get this urge to see everything. Whatever you hear about, you want to track down. But after that passes, there’s st...


Looking Back on the Forgotten Zebra Horror Paperback ‘Smoke’

*The following post includes discussion of racism and sexual abuse* Notorious among horror fiction aficionados are the horror novels published by Zebra in the 1980s. Just hearing the name is enough to...

Saint’s Blood

Saint’s Blood Will Remedy Your Literary Slump [Review]

Religious horror is one of my favorite sub-genres. I  jump at the chance to check out any new book or film within this realm. Sometimes what’s new turns out to be a mediocre attempt at emulating the c...

Stuart Gordon

Stuart Gordon: Interviews, A Singularly Subversive Spirit [Book Review]

Stuart Gordon is best remembered for his 1985 debut film, Re-Animator. With buckets of blood and a decapitated head giving head (a visual pun Gordon’s high school buddy and frequent writer Dennis Paol...

Meg tied up and beaten in the basement in The Girl Next Door.

For Number One Fans: 5 Books to Cure Your Misery

It’s been 35 years since Misery’s Annie Wilkes found Paul Sheldon’s wrecked car in snowy Sidewinder, Colorado. Fans of the book—or the classic 1990 film adaptation, or the play starring Laurie Metcalf...

Vampire Classics

Not Counting the Count: Noteworthy Vampire Classics That Aren’t Dracula

Bram Stoker’s brilliant epistolary novel has terrified readers and inspired artists of all stripes since the 1890s. But Dracula isn’t the only blood-thirsty night-prowler who’s been around since Queen...

Red Betty Book Cover

Red Betty and the Murder Farm Reads Like a Fast-Paced Horror Film

Filmmaker and author Keith Tyler Hopkins is bringing his Gravedigger Dave Presents series to the world of literature. His latest book, Red Betty and the Murder Farm, reads like it’s meant for the big ...

Doppelgänger Stories

Nine Doppelgänger Stories That Will Make You Scared to Look In The Mirror

Much horror literature plays on our fear and fascination with the person we see in the mirror: a fear of what we’re hiding or don’t know about ourselves, a fear of who we’ve been and who we could beco...

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