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Night of the Living Dead

How the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Remake Fixed the Fatal Flaw of the Original

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is an absolute classic. It’s one of the films that truly defined the genre. It created a sub-genre that we’ve come to know as the modern zombie movie, alt...

Making a Killing: Eight Horror Movies That Hit Big at the Box Office - Bally's - freddy vs jason. Remember that time freddy and jason squared off?

Why ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ is Exactly the Pulpy, Imperfect Movie It Needed to Be

Freddy vs. Jason was, for horror fans, one of the most anticipated movies of all time. I’ve written quite a bit about the long, arduous journey it had to finally make it to the big screen. Naturally, ...

Heather Langenkamp - Nancy from A Nightmare on Elm Street

Why Nancy from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Is Horror’s Most Proactive Heroine

It might seem hard to believe looking back at it, given the reverence so many fans hold for the sub-genre, but by 1984 the slasher craze was already winding down. 1980 through ’82 saw dozens upon doze...

The Crippled Masters

‘The Crippled Masters’ Is Essential Disability Pride Month Viewing

A kung fu cult classic way ahead of its time on representation

Jeepers Creepers True Story

Was ‘Jeepers Creepers’ Inspired by This Terrifying True Story?

Hit horror movie Jeepers Creepers captivated audiences with the simple story of a brother sister duo crossing paths with a bloodthirsty maniac called The Creeper. While it is a thrilling (some might s...

Stephen King

This Bizarre Stephen King Anthology Works in Spite of Itself

Cat’s Eye is a weird movie, but that’s part of what makes it so endearing. Of the Stephen King adaptations I watched over and over again as a kid. In a weird way, it’s only gotten better as I’ve gotte...

Jennifer’s Body True story

Is ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Based on This True Story?

Is Jennifer’s Body based on a true story? Quite possibly. You may be surprised to learn that this true crime case is eerily reminiscent of the events depicted in the film. Horror Comedy Jennifer’s Bod...

Casefile True Crime podcast standout episodes

Five Standout Episodes of The Casefile True Crime Podcast

Though it never truly left, true crime storytelling is back in the forefront again. One of the ways that true crime addicts like myself like to feed our fascination is by listening to podcasts. There ...

Bad Ben film series

The ‘Bad Ben’ Series by Nigel Bach is the Film Experience You’ve Been Waiting for

I love independent cinema. There is something so awe-inspiring about people without Hollywood connections or multi-million dollar budgets picking up a camera and running with an idea. Despite the lack...