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Does Your Horror Feature or Short Need Worldwide Distribution?


One of Wicked Horror’s primary missions is to find and distribute quality horror material and projects, whether they be full-length features, shorts, anthologies, Internet-only projects or even micro-short Vine films.

We are actively looking to distribute smart, original horror movies and content through our Hollywood partners in theaters worldwide , on cable TV, online and streaming devices (Roku, etc). We accept every genre and rating, except horror comedy.

If your project needs distribution, either exclusive or non-exclusive, email us at wickedhorrorcom [at] gmail.com – please include the following:

1.) Title and genre of project.

2.) Running time of project (feature, short, mini-short (vine, etc)).

3.) Brief 3-4 sentence outline of project (brief please!).

4.) Budget

5.) Any known elements in your project (known actor, writer, director, producer, special effects artists)

6.) Brief bio of primary filmmaker(s)/creator(s)

7.) Any links to project (website, facebook, youtube, other social media, etc or news releases). We need to see your project first. If none of the aforementioned, let us know how we can see your project.

8.) Contact details, ideally best email address and phone number.

We will respond back within 2 hours to 2 days at most. We will help get your horror project seen!