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Trailer For Upcoming Blood Feast Remake Brings The Gore

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Herschell Gordon Lewis’s 1963 splatter flick Blood Feast is widely considered to be the very first of its kind. Following a psychopathic caterer, who brutally murders women so he can dismember the bodies to use in meals and ritual sacrifices, the movie is something of a cult favourite, notable for its groundbreaking representation of grisly gore, in particular.

Although a 2002 sequel, entitled Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat, was forthcoming, Blood Feast doesn’t seem the most likely candidate for the remake treatment.

Regardless, the interest is clearly there as a trailer for the upcoming movie has just dropped online, which you can watch for yourself below – and it is exactly as disgustingly bloody as you’d expect.

Blood Feast is directed by Marcel Walz, written by Philip Lilienschwarz and stars Robert Rusler, Sophie Monk and Caroline Williams.

You can also check out the poster (complete with super-positive quotes from everybody from BD to the guys behind Frightfest in the UK) above for some of the initial reception to the movie.

Both are intriguing, particularly for fans of the original, but newcomers can expect some seriously over the top gore, if nothing else.

The premise, as it stands, sets the scene quite well too:

Fuad Ramses and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad also works night shifts in a museum of ancient Egyptian culture. During these long, lonely nights he becomes allured by goddess Ishtar as she speaks to him in visions. Eventually he succumbs to her deadly charms. After this pivotal night, Fuad begins a new life, in which murder and cannibalism become his daily bread. As butchered bodies are heaped upon the Altar of Ishtar, Fuad slowly slips further into madness, until he is no more than the goddess’s puppet…

No release date for Blood Feast is forthcoming as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted as more details become available.

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