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For the Sake of Vicious brings the Violence and Vengeance [Review]

For the sake of vicious

Biker gangs, blood, guns, and vengeance on Halloween Night turn out to be the perfect combination in For the Sake of Vicious (directed by Gabriel Carrer and Reese Eveneshen).

Chaos ensues when Romina (Lora Burke) returns home from her shift as a nurse. She finds her landlord Alan (Colin Paradine) tied up on the floor while Chris (Nick Smyth) tries to beat Alan into a confession for raping his eight-year-old daughter. All of this transpires after Alan was previously acquitted of the crime.

The tension between the trio builds as Chris learns that Alan slept with his wife but had nothing to do with harming his daughter. As Alan is held captive, Romina has to form her own judgment while feeling threatened in her own home.

When a masked motorcycle gang shows up at Romina’s house and tries to murder all of its occupants, their crisis is put on pause and the trio is forced into survival mode. The murderous gang, going head-to-head with the group speeds up the pace of what starts out as a slow burn thriller. Single, hard-working mom, Romina turns into a full badass when her life is put on the line.

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With creative kills and violent fight sequences in a small house, the film ratchets up the tension. For the Sake of Vicious won’t let gore hounds down and definitely delivers some creative kills. You can check it out now on VOD.


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