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Slither Slides Smoothly Between Sci Fi Horror and Comedy [The Rabid Dog’s House]

The Rabid Dog’s House is a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where contributor Justin Steele uncovers hidden gems, lost classics, and overlooked indie offerings with a little bite. Flying solo or with his co-host Zena Dixon, he will discuss an array of topics covering film, literature, and television. Check out the latest installment below. In this episode we’re looking back at 2006’s Slither!

Slither is directed by James Gunn and stars Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Gregg Henry, Tania Saulnier, and Michael Rooker. May-December married couple Grant (Rooker) and Starla (Banks) soon find their marriage tested after a meteorite crash in the town of Wheelsy, South Carolina. The meteor brings with it a malevolent alien parasite that infects Grant who in turn begins to infect the entire town. Along with her past love, Chief Bill Pardy (Fillion), Starla and the remaining residents of the town must band together to destroy the parasite before they, too, become infected.

This feature by Gunn is a fun homage to science fiction B-flicks, while at the same time, manages to easily combine body horror, comedy, and even a little romance. A delicious blend of laughs, shocks, gross-out moments, and scares, Slither is for the horror fan looking for sci-fi thrills and over the top entertainment.

Join Justin and Zena as they discuss Slither below!

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Written by Justin Steele
Justin Steele is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. His focus was the representation of women and minorities in contemporary media. In addition to writing, he hosts the 411popCulture channel on YouTube. He enjoys Rep Theatre and once performed on Broadway. He currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his 15-year-old cat. He is a die-hard horror fan with a particular affinity for slasher films.
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