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Alex Garland’s ‘Annihilation’ is a Striking Experiment

The notion of following up Alex Garland’s landmark of sci-fi cinema, Ex Machina, is unquestionably daunting. Though his directorial meddle wasn’t tested until 2015, Garland’s screenwriting career soli...

28 Days Later - 101 Horror Movies to Watch Before You Die

All the Rage: Why We Still See Debate Over Zombies vs. Infection Movies

As horror fans, we love to endlessly debate our favorite topics. Healthy discussion is what keeps the passion alive and is what leads us to find friends in likeminded fans. And if there’s one thing fa...

Unboxing Horror Block

Horror Block Unboxing – April 2016

Nerd Block is a subscription mystery box that delivers geeky collectibles right to your door each month. You can choose whatever theme box you are into–there’s the Classic Block, Arcade Block, Sci-Fi ...

Halloween, Ginger Snaps - A Look Back at the Best and Worst of Early 2000's Horror

A Look Back at the Best and Worst of Early 2000’s Horror

The early 2000’s were a very interesting time for the horror genre. This was a period just after the renaissance of the late 1990’s and before the swarm of endless remakes that lasted through the latt...

Poster for 28 Days Later

Noteworthy Heroines of Horror: Selena from 28 Days Later

Noteworthy Heroines of Horror is a recurring segment on Wicked Horror where we shine the spotlight on a female character from the annals of horror history that has made a significant contribution to t...

night of the living dead

9 Reasons the Zombie Genre Needs to be (re)Buried.

It’s been decades since the zombie genre crawled from its grave to feast on the wallets of movie-goers. In all that time, they haven’t gotten any more interesting. Here are 9 reasons w...

A scene from Return of the Living Dead which is one of Ten of the Best Non-Romero Zombie Films

Ten of the Best Non-Romero Zombie Films

[soliloquy id=”4990″] When it comes to zombie films, George A. Romero is regarded as king. He is like a grandfather to the genre. He is responsible for classics like Night of the Living De...

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