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District 9- Prawn Power

[soliloquy id=”5178″] Directed by Neill Blomkamp, District 9 is a fresh and surprising, sci-fi thriller. Starting off as a mockumentary in order to expose the gist of the story, but gradua...

altered alien movie

Altered is a Cool Sci-Fi Thriller [Review]

From the director of The Blair Witch Project, Lovely Molly and segment “A Ride in the Park” from V/H/S 2, Eduardo Sanchez brings us Altered, a movie about aliens and issues. Sometimes, jus...

2013 Alien abduction movie Absence starring Erin Way, Eric Matheny and Ryan Smale

Absence- Alien Abduction

[soliloquy id=”1148″] Absence is, well, for the most part pretty absent of any excitement. But I do love a found footage film and I eagerly awaited what was going to happen. Absence teases...

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