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High Rise Poster

Blu-Ray Review – High-Rise

Welcome to the newest, most posh high-rise in London. It’s forty stories tall and has all the latest technology and amenities a tenant could want–a gym, a pool, a spa, even a market. Young...

High Rise Poster

Review: High-Rise Crumbles Under The Weight Of Its Own Pretension

Ben Wheatley’s track record is near-perfect. Of the Brit director’s four previous films, two (Kill List, A Field In England) are modern masterpieces while the others (Down Terrace, Sightse...

Poster for Ben Wheatley's Kill List.

Kill List Review – Second Opinion

[soliloquy id=”3966″] Ben Wheatley’s Kill List finds a troubled hit man and his partner returning to work after a lengthy hiatus. They are hired by a member of the criminal underworl...

Ben Wheatleys Kill List movie

Kill List- Aint Nobody Messing With My Clique

[soliloquy id=”3966″] Personally, I love Kill List. Directed by Ben Wheatley, it’s different, it’s refreshing, it’s mind-boggling and it’s a clever movie. Jay (Neil Maskell- Atonement) and...

the horror anthology The ABC's of Death.

The ABCs Of Death – We Only Need A Few Letters For This Alphabet Soup

The ABCs Of Death; If you like a bit of gore, mixed with silliness, some stupidness, laughs and a few shock (very few) moments, then perhaps out of boredom check out this unique horror anthology film....