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Killer Queen Movie Review

Killer Queen Is A Low Fi Wander Through Grindhouse Grittiness [Chattanooga FF Review]

Killer Queen ‘s blood-splattered poster and lurid tagline of “She Kills And It’s On Super 8!” suggest a neo-grindhouse romp in the style of Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino,...

Attack Of The Demons

Attack Of The Demons Is A Hand Cut Bloody Valentine To Horror [Chattanooga Film Festival 2020 Review]

Eric Power’s Attack Of The Demons uses hand cut paper animation to mix pop culture obsessed sardonic slackers, a bit of homage to Lamberto Bava’s Demons and a slick synth-heavy score into ...

Jumbo 2020 Movie Review

Jumbo Can’t Sustain The Momentum of its Carnival Ride [Chattanooga FF Review]

Zoé Wittock’s Jumbo is a movie that defies any easy characterization, and is at alternating turns an outsider coming of age narrative, a family melodrama, and a visually lush tale of first love ...

Homewrecker Movie Review

Homewrecker ‘s High Camp Horror Makes for a Delightfully Dark Midnight Movie [Chattanooga FF Review]

Zach Gayne’s Homewrecker was one of the less publicized selections at the 2020 Chattanooga Film Festival, despite its overall positive reception at last year’s Fantastic Fest, likely becau...