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A Nightmare on Elm Street - The Weird Unspoken Double Standard of Horror Movies

The Weird, Unspoken Double Standard of Horror Movies

We live in a time when Hollywood is completely and totally defined by Intellectual Property. We have more IP-based features than ever. Absolutely everything made at the studio is a franchise and if it...

Child's Play

Was Child’s Play Based on a True Story? Exploring the Rumored Connection Between Chucky and The Robert Doll

As if some of the stories in our genre are not horrible enough, there is one phrase that seems to elevate their mystique – “based on a true story.” One can find easily find stories f...

Chucky, Andy, and Kyle in the Good Guys factory in Child's Play 2

Why Child’s Play 2 is an Even Bolder Movie Than the First

Child’s Play is one of the most important, genre-defining horror movies of the late ‘80s. It’s one that everyone remembers and people still really like, but I think a lot of people tend to forget abou...

Friday the 13th Part 2

Seven Great Sequels That Were Made Insanely Quickly

We all know how it goes. When a horror film becomes successful, it becomes a franchise. Once that happens sequels start to be churned out at amazing speed. Usually, when a studio forces a sequel out t...

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Seven Pure Comfort Food Horror Movies

There’s something great about discovering a great new horror movie for the first time. The genre is huge and diverse. There’s so much happening at any given moment. Every year produces some great new ...

Alex Vincent at Days of the Dead in Atlanta on Feb. 27, 2021.

Alex Vincent Keeps a Tight Lid on Future of ‘Child’s Play’ Franchise

Still friends to the end? Actor Alex Vincent keeping quiet on whether Andy Barclay will return in upcoming SyFy series Chucky One thing we know for sure is that plans for a live-action Chucky televisi...

A scene from the 1990 movie "Child's Play 2."

Five Reasons Child’s Play 2 is Better Than The Original

Allow me to start by saying: The 1988 original is great. But there’s more than one reason why 1990’s Child’s Play 2 is the ultimate Chucky experience 2020 marks thirty years since Child’s Play 2 was r...

Child's Play

Child’s Play Takes a Stab at the Ugly Side of Consumerism [Blu-ray Review]

Child’s Play (2019) sees Karen Barclay and her son Andy starting over fresh in a new city. As such, Andy doesn’t have many friends and spends most of his time with his smartphone...

Child's Play

Second Opinion: Child’s Play (2019) is An Insult to Chucky

​Child’s Play is an institution. The series that began with the seminal, Tom Holland-directed 1988 flick is still chugging along to this day with the latest installment, 2017’s Cult of Chu...

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