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Everything We Know About the New Chucky Series

You can’t keep a Good Guy down. Recently horror fans were elated with the news that their favorite ginger haired, voodoo practicing, serial killing doll, Chucky is back! Charles Lee Ray, a.k.a. The La...

Curse of Chucky - Don Mancini - Child's Play 7

How Curse of Chucky Shattered Expectations (And Raised the Bar for DTV)

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was surprised as hell when Curse of Chucky got announced. Seed of Chucky was not only a disappointment for fans, but it didn’t do well in theaters and got kin...

CHUCKY DOLLS - Is Child's Play the most competent horror franchise? - Child's Play 2.

Is Child’s Play Actually the Most Competent Modern Horror Franchise?

This is a bold statement, so hear me out. I’m not saying Child’s Play is my favorite horror franchise, although I certainly don’t bash anyone who regards it as such. I’m not even necessarily saying th...