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The poster for the movie Re-cut directed by Fritz Manger.

Re-Cut Movie Review- Documentary Disaster

[soliloquy id=”9883″] Directed by Fritz Manger, Re-Cut is a found-footage, faux-documentary horror movie. Re-Cut opens with the definition of a snuff film. “A pornographic film that shows ...

Cropsey – The Boogeyman of Staten Island

Cropsey started as the legend the filmmakers heard as kids. It narrates into both an investigation into Andre Rand, the Boogey Man of the operation, and the modern history and character of Staten Isla...

Alice Palmer goes missing at Lake Mungo and her body is washed up hours and hours later.

Lake Mungo- Fate Foreseen

[soliloquy id=”2314″] Directed and written by Joel Anderson, Lake Mungo handles the subject of grief and a family’s hope for afterlife very well. Recalled mainly through interviews, camera...