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Castle Freak

Why Castle Freak Works as a Dark Family Drama

Stuart Gordon’s first feature film, Re-Animator, was one of those rare movies that became an instant cult classic. It didn’t have a huge release. It was exhibited without an MPAA rating, but people at...

Project Metalbeast

Why Project: Metalbeast is Top-Notch Schlock (And Should be Remembered)

Most people reading this probably don’t remember or have ever heard about Project: Metalbeast. That’s not a criticism of the horror community. There are so many forgotten gems. And plenty of people wh...

Puppet Master's Blade - Puppet Master

Stream and Stream Again: Whatever Happened to DTV Horror?

I can readily admit the usefulness of the streaming era. It would be foolish of me to say that things are not more practical or are not easier now. I think everyone can appreciate the immediacy of str...