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Snow Hollow_Still007

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is An All-Timer in the Making [Fantastic Fest Review]

The Wolf of Snow Hollow (AKA simply The Werewolf) is writer-director-actor-producer-and-everything-else-besides Jim Cummings’ highly-anticipated follow-up to festival darling Thunder Road. It couldn’t...

Lauren Beatty in Bloodthirsty

Bloodthirsty Makes Werewolves Female Again [Fantastic Fest Review]

It’s been a while since we were gifted a decent werewolf movie (though I will defend Wolfcop and its brilliant sequel, Another Wolfcop, until the day I die) but, at this year’s Celebration of Fantasti...

Bella Thorne in Girl

Girl is a Major Showcase for Bella Thorne [Fantastic Fest Review]

Chad Faust’s Girl carries with it a certain amount of baggage because its leads are tabloid favorites Bella Thorne and Mickey Rourke.  Although the two performers come from vastly different eras, they...

Andrea Riseborough in Possessor

Possessor Will Leave You Breathless [Fantastic Fest Review]

There’s an amazingly gross practical effect about 20 seconds into Possessor, which bodes well for what’s to come. Created by the spawn of Cronenberg, the film is certainly Cronenbergian but it’s also ...