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Return of the Living Dead

Return of the Living Dead: The Ultimate Punk Horror Movie

Dan O’Bannon’s Return of the Living Dead is, in many ways, the 1980’s horror film. It represents everything about the decade boiled down into one complete package. The movie originat...

Blu-Ray Review – Train to Busan Keeps the Zombie Genre Alive (Undead?)

It begins with the resurrection of a dead deer on the road, and ends with an exciting and startlingly emotional climax that will make you excited about zombie movies again. The South Korean flick Trai...


Re-Kill [8 Films to Die For Review]

In Re-Kill, it’s been five years since the zombie apocalypse wiped out most of the world’s population. Now the remaining re-animates, or “re-ans,” are kept under control by a s...

Justin Steele’s Top Five Films to Watch on Halloween

As the Halloween season approaches, we all have our go-to films that we pop in the DVD or Blu-Ray player. One of my own personal favorite Halloween activities is to get together with friends and watch...

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