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Eight Badass Horror Heroines Who Deserve More Credit - The Fog

Seven Badass Horror Heroines Who Deserve More Credit

Horror has a reputation for being a male-dominated scene. It’s a genre run by men, made for men, starring men; that’s what the consensus seems to be. This has always been insane to me, because there a...

Final Girl Storylines We'd Like to See Continue

Final Girl Story Lines We’d Love to See Continued

A true final girl hits a series of notes within the composition of a horror film. She typically begins as an unlikely hero and, ultimately, emerges as a warrior ready for battle. The focus of most hor...

Jamie Lee Curtis in John Carpenter's Halloween.

Most Memorable Final Girls of Horror

One of the most important components in the successful execution of a slasher film is the inclusion of a likable, capable, and memorable final girl. The final girl (or survivor girl) is the character ...