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80s Horror Gems You May Have Missed

Eight 1980s Horror Gems You May Have Missed

Ah, the 1980s. What a time to be alive! It was a magical era, especially for horror fans. The horror genre in the 1980s experienced a boom and fans were treated to an onslaught of great and (some not ...

Best horror films you've never actually seen

Five of the Best Horror Films You’ve Never Seen

As a Horror fanatic, I’m always looking for new films to feed my growing blood-thirsty appetite. Diving into the deepest depths of cinema, in the hopes of uncovering productions with even the mi...

Ten Hidden Horror Gems from the 1980s that Need to be Rediscovered

Horror films really hit their stride in the 1980s. The creative minds went wild and the practical effects from that era were some of the best ever committed to celluloid. The ’80s brought a seri...