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Poster for Jake Helgren's Varsity Blood.

‘Varsity Blood’ is Headed for DVD Next Week

[soliloquy id=”7701″] Varsity Blood follows the cheerleaders and football players of Hogeye High School as the retreat to a Halloween party at a farmhouse. This particular group carries wi...

The Woods is a Striking Homage to Argento

Lucky McKee’s The Woods takes place in 1960s New England. It centers on a young girl named Heather who is starting her tenure at a new boarding school. Heather is met with adversity from the moment sh...

Randy in Scream

Scream is a Post-Modern Meta Slasher [Retrospective]

Scream sees a killer taunting victims with ominous phone calls. Among the harassed are Sydney Prescott and her friends. The madman sports a menacing mask and fancies testing his victims’ knowledge of ...