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Doppelgänger Stories

Nine Doppelgänger Stories That Will Make You Scared to Look In The Mirror

Much horror literature plays on our fear and fascination with the person we see in the mirror: a fear of what we’re hiding or don’t know about ourselves, a fear of who we’ve been and who we could beco...

Creepy Crate box featured image

Creepy Crate Unboxing

We all know that it’s fun to get something in the mail. Maybe it’s even a little more if you don’t really know exactly what you’re getting. For those that love spooky surprises...

Five Horror Novelizations worth a Closer Look

A now dying art for fans of the horror genre, the novelization once enhanced the experience for the carnage obsessed bookworm. Arguably a way for the filmmakers to further cash in on a movie, the nove...

Unboxing Horror Block

Horror Block Unboxing – February 2017

Nerd Block is a subscription mystery box that delivers geeky collectibles right to your door each month. You can choose whatever theme box you are into–there’s the Classic Block, Arcade Block, Sci-Fi ...

Meg tied in the basement in The Girl Next Door - Jack Ketchum

Four Essential Novels by Jack Ketchum

If you are not familiar with the name Jack Ketchum, you definitely should be. A pseudonym for author Dallas Mayr, Jack Ketchum has been putting his dark mark on horror fiction for over thirty years, w...

An Unattractive Vampire

Book Review – An Unattractive Vampire is Witty and Engaging

An Unattractive Vampire is the tale of a centuries-old vampire named Yulric Bile, who is awakened after being trapped underground (in a house) for three-hundred years. He finds that the world has chan...

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

10 Horrifying Kids Books That Are Not Actually Appropriate for Kids

Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on books we enjoyed as kids or teenagers. For me, that often means looking back over a list of books that my mother would never have allowed me to read had she realized ...

Great October reads for young horror fans. The Haunted Mask in Goosebumps

Great Reads for Young Horror Fans

It’s the time of year to not only watch the great horror classics, but read them as well. Every Fall, you’ll see people dusting off the Stephen King titles they love to revisit or still haven’t gotten...

Horror reference books

Literary Monsters: Books Written by Your Favorite Horror Actors

It’s become commonplace for an actor to write a tell-all autobiography once they become famous enough and decide they have enough interesting stories in their life to warrant one. Horror stars are a l...

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