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The Changeling Horror movies that need to be remade

Seven Horror Movies That Could Actually Benefit From a Remake

The remake craze is certainly dying down and at this point, it feels like there’s almost nothing left to remake. We’ve covered basically everything. All of the major franchises and so many of the orig...

Remakes that are better than they are made out to be

Second Helpings: Eight Remakes That Are Better Than They’re Made Out to Be

Remakes are everyone’s favorite go-to conversation topic when they want to be really angry. They’re the number one thing in horror that people get the most aggressive about. And I’m starting to notice...

Pennywise in the It Remake

Horror Remakes to Look Out for in 2016 and Beyond

There are so many reboots coming out at the moment that it can be tough to keep track of them all. Our culture is currently bursting at the seams with remakes and reboots. Part of it is that the studi...

Great scenes left out of horror movies Evil Dead 2013 - Six modern remakes that actually had something to say

Six Modern Remakes That Actually Had Something to Say

The remake craze is dying down. Sure, there will always be remakes and there will always be remakes, but at no point have we had so many with the output that we saw from 2003-2009. We’re still getting...

The Fly

How Cronenberg’s The Fly Made Body Horror Mainstream

David Cronenberg, especially in his early days, was never a mainstream director. His films weren’t meant to be accessible to the widest possible audience. He was at the forefront of body horror, telli...