horror movie review

OMG...We're In A Horror Movie...

Review: OMG…We’re In A Horror Movie Is Better Than Its Title Suggests

Horror comedy is an increasingly difficult sub-genre to pull off. Go too meta and you risk alienating newcomers, not self-referential enough and horror fans will get bored. Nonetheless, it’s bec...

Review: When Animals Dream Blends Horror and Fantasy with Amazing Results

When Animals Dream is the debut film of director Jonas Alexander Arnby. This is one of the best additions to the werewolf subgenre that I have seen and I was completely blown away by the its genius. T...

It Follows, Keir Gilchrist

Advance Review: It Follows

Maika Monroe is fast becoming a bonafide Scream Queen. She is following up her scene-stealing breakout performance in last year’s The Guest with It Follows, the sophomore feature from writer-dir...

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