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Stephen King’s IT set to Shoot Next Summer!

[soliloquy id=”14425″] I was introduced to the 1990 miniseries, IT, based on the novel by Stephen King, at the tender at of six. At the time my bedroom was clown themed. Two days later my ...

Pennywise from the novel by Stephen King showing off his pearly whites.

Top Creepy Clowns- Birthday Party Anyone?

Although clowns are originally comic performers and characterized to be humorous and entertain people, the image of the evil creepy clown has become popular culture. With the use of scary make-up and ...

The new mask in Halloween 6

10 of the Most Memorable Killers from Horror Cinema

Horror killers are the backbone of the genre. If it were not for the razorblade-weilding psychopaths that stalk the dreams of horny teenagers or the machete-toting madmen that lurk around summer camps...