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Andrea Riseborough in Possessor

Possessor Will Leave You Breathless [Fantastic Fest Review]

There’s an amazingly gross practical effect about 20 seconds into Possessor, which bodes well for what’s to come. Created by the spawn of Cronenberg, the film is certainly Cronenbergian but it’s also ...


Eight A-List Actors Who Gave Several Terrific Horror Performances

The common consensus is that a celebrity does horror at one of two points in their career: they’ll do it when they’re starting out in their career and desperate for any role they can get, or they’ll d...

Hateful Eight

Not Quite Horror: The Hateful Eight (2015)

Horror is evolving as a genre. Although your local multiplex is still loaded with the usual contenders, look a bit closer and you’ll find the latest drama, thriller, or crime offering is closer to hor...

Twin Peaks

Jennifer Jason Leigh Joins the Cast of Twin Peaks Season Three

Following the news that Robert Knepper will be joining the cast of Twin Peaks, we have now learned that Jennifer Jason Leigh has also come aboard the upcoming third season at Showtime. Leigh will join...

The Amityville house.

Amityville (2015) – Upcoming Horror Movie

Frank Khalfoun, the director of the 2012 Maniac remake is working on another project with ties to an established film. This time, the director is in postproduction on the film Amityville which is sche...