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The Stuff

The Stuff is Food Horror at its Finest [Retrospective]

Larry Cohen is a filmmaker who just does not get the credit he deserves. His pictures are all too often labeled as B-Movies. But while they may be campy, it’s a very intentional camp. He has a unique ...

Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop Still Holds Up Impossibly Well: Here’s Why!

When you simply want to kick off an article by saying Maniac Cop rules, that’s the first sign that a movie still holds up better than anyone expected it to. Before even going into the story itself, th...

A Return to Salem's Lot

A Drinking Problem: Why Return to Salem’s Lot is One of the Most Bats–t Sequels Ever Made

Despite being a made-for-TV miniseries, Salem’s Lot is one of the pinnacles of the vampire genre. It’s iconic. Often hailed as one of the best Stephen King adaptations, as well as one of the best from...

The Stuff

The Stuff is a Smart Social Satire [Retrospective]

Corporate espionage specialist David ‘Mo’ Rutherford embarks on an assignment to uncover the formula for the exceptionally popular dessert The Stuff. He quickly discovers that the ingredients are more...