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Prince of Darkness 1987

Six Surprisingly Great Sci-Fi Horror Movies That Nobody Saw

The science fiction and horror genres have always gone hand in hand, dating back even before Mary Shelley’s seminal work in both genres, Frankenstein. Many of the Gothic horrors of the nineteenth cent...

Night Flier - Criminally underrated Stephen king movies

Eight Cinematic Vampires That Don’t Get Nearly Enough Credit

Vampires films are everywhere. They often make their way out of the genre and have (as of late) infected comedy, teen romance and just about everything else. But vampire movies are a staple of the hor...

Top Five Tobe Hooper Films

[soliloquy id=”11970″] Tobe Hooper is widely regarded among the casual fans as one of the masters of horror (he did, after all, participate in the TV series of the same name). But he’s had...